Sespe Consulting


Sespe has extensive experience navigating the challenges of CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). With our comprehensive experience, Sespe is well versed in preparing environmental documents, including:


Exemptions Determinations

Initial Studies

Negative Declarations

Mitigated Negative Declarations

Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)

Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting (MMRP) Plans


Categorical Exclusion Determinations

Environmental Assessments (EAs)

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)


Joint EIR / EIS Documents

The Sespe team has wide-ranging knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations and policies as well as legal /case law, which allows us to assist our Clients in obtaining copious project approvals. Our Team are experts in navigating through the requirements of both of these environmental review processes, the technical evaluations, noticing requirements, public presentations, legal counsel support and agency negotiations that will result in project success and a positive outcome.

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