Air Quality and Climate Change Impact Assessment (AQCCIA)

Sespe Consulting prepared an air quality and climate change impact assessment (AQCCIA) for an EIR for a large construction materials company. The proposed project was a heavily contested modification to the CUP for a mine located in Los Angeles County and the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) jurisdiction. As part of the AQCCIA, Sespe prepared criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emission inventories for the existing project and the proposed modifications. In addition, Sespe modeled localized criteria pollutant and health risk impacts using EPA’s AERMOD model and CARB’s HARP program. Mitigations were also designed to reduce project impacts to less than significant levels.

After the AQCCIA was finalized, Sespe represented the client in multiple Planning Commission and City Counsel hearings. After a detailed review of the AQCCIA, the SCAQMD stated in a local newspaper article that the study was "well-prepared.”