Environmental Due Diligence - Lumber Mill

Conducted environmental due diligence (Phase I Environmental Site Assessments) involving three separate ownership properties, entailing almost 45 acres of land. The large lumber mill operation had a complex history that included significant solvent contamination to both soil and groundwater. The contaminated property had undergone remediation and isan active Spills, Leaks, Industrial Cleanup (SLIC) property with oversight provided by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. Ongoing monitoring is projected to occur for the foreseeable future.

The client desired to acquire the entire area (all parcels) to control the area and maximize the future use of the land. Because the purchase agreement stipulated the client would assume all environmental liability, additional assessment was recommended. Additional work that was conducted included a risk evaluation of the ongoing/future environmental monitoring costs, budgets for additional remediation costs as well as costs to conduct additional Phase II (sampling) investigations.